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Rotating items available for pick-up or next day pick-up may be available after 11. Contact me directly to place your order for pick-up or any questions/concerns at (323) 684-9246 or send an email to and I’ll do my best to get back to you shortly. 48 hr notice on all pick-up orders.

*Local shipping may be considered*
* Local delivery is restricted to areas, please ask for more info*
Inclement weather may affect delivery/pick-up time


Please Sir, May I Have Sa"more

Please Sir, May I Have Sa'more

An anytime favorite here for the summer... marshmallow, biscoff cookies, milk chocolate atop a soft chocolate chip cookie

$28/half dz

$48/one dz




Imagine, if you will, a maple pecan pie, in cookie form.. that’s what this cookie embodies. Loaded with pah-kawns and a maple drizzle on top. Contains nuts

1/2 $28  1 dz/$48

Turn that frown upside down with a fruity, marshmallowy treat. A favorite breakfast cereal turned into a delicious cookie

1/2 ~ $30 1dz ~ $42


Unicorn Tears

Hall & Oatsmeal

Hall & Oatsmeal

Strawberry cookies with white chocolate ganache cream cheese frosting & streusel

$28/half dz

$48/one dz

Chunky local oats make these cozy oatmeal cookies delicious. Cinnamon, ginger,
nutmeg, hint of cardamom and maple syrup

$28/half dz

$48/one dz



Salted caramel peanut butter cookies are chock full of nuts with hints of caramel

$28/half dz

$48/one dz

The Fat Boys
The Fat Boys

These ginormous 6oz chocolate chip cookies are chocolatey deliciousness. Pools of
chocolate, big flavor. $30/6pk


The Cookie Fiend
Baker's Choice

You get what I give ya...let me know any allergy restrictions. Classic cookies and
speciality.. never know what you'll get

Bakers Dz $48


Little Cookie Fiend
Little Cookie Fiend

A new selection monthly. The Little Cookie Fiend contains 6 cookies. Rotating flavors April~ Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Cookie Butter 6pk/$30

Dirty Dozen
Three dozen assortment of Cookie Fiend cookies. Perfect for the office! $108/3 dz

In Like Mint
Stuffed Oreo
Stuffed O Reo Reo

What do you get when you stuff your favorite flavor Oreo into a decadent chocolate chip cookie dough? A mouth full of happy... that's what you get. Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie. Choose your favorite flavor Some are seasonal so please ask if available. 6PK $42

Red Velvet
Red Velvet

Classic Red Velvet let me know if you would like another colr aside red common misconception, they have to be red Nope... you can make this classic cookie any color you'd like 1/2 dz $24/1 dz $48



In Like Mint

Chocolate Chip Trip

A classic snickerdoodle. A favorite. Light and crisp 

             $24/Half Dz

             $42/One Dz

Minty fresh, chocolety delicious

              $24/half dz

              $42/one dz

GF Chocolate Chippy Chip


Nothing says homemade like a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. A triple chocolate explosion of goodness. 

             $24/Half Dz

             $42/One Dz

A chewy, tasty can't tell its GF. Loads of flavors and tons of chips contains dairy 1/2 dz $28 1 dz $48

The Cookie Fiend is a small, one woman owned home bakery business located near PSU in SW Portland.
Small batch creations from scratch from recipes passed down and reimagined, honoring my mother, grandmother, and dad
who all taught me that it is always ok to  “Be Sweet to Yo’Self!”

I left  my home of L.A. 6 years ago for the beautiful PNW, leaving behind everything, family and friends with hopeful anticipation of a new start. I found friends, new family and back to my roots in baking. Now, here I am baking up sweet treats for the sweetest of tooth.

The Cookie Fiend operates independently inside downtown restaurant Grits n Gravy. There you will find small batch baked treats. You never know what you will find, so stop on by.
Next day pick-up may be available after 11 am. Contact me directly for availability. All orders require 48 notice for pick-up, or local delivery downtown. If you have questions or concerns, give me a call at (323) 684-9246 or send an email to
I’ll do my best to get back to you shortly.
*local shipping may be considered*
* Local delivery restrictions apply. Feel free to contact me for more info.
Inclement weather may affect delivery/pick-up time. Delivery times based on my availability.
Thank you
Diane Elaine ~ Owner/Operator

Any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.. and when you are ready to place an order

Portland Or. 97201

(323) 684-9246

Thanks for submitting!

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